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Walmart Coming In Hot With Their "Fat Girls" Halloween Costume Section On Their Website

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OS – Despite growing complaints on Twitter, Walmart has yet to remove a section for “fat girl costumes” on its website. The plus-size Halloween costume section was first pointed out by Kristyn Washburn who tweeted the corporation with her complaint on Tuesday. “Your comments and suggestions are important to us and help make Walmart even better,” @Walmart replied on Twitter shortly thereafter. The “fat girl costumes” section isn’t available through’s navigation, but it’s easily found through Google or by going to Thus far, Walmart hasn’t released any kind of statement. If and when that happens, I’ll be sure to update this post. Update: It appears that Walmart removed the costumes from that section around 11 a.m. Monday, but the URL still worked and displayed a message: “We found 0 items for the Fat Girl Costumes page.” Update 2: By 12:35 p.m. the page redirected to the plus size costumes section and had been removed from Google. A Walmart spokesman told Buzzfeed that the page “never should have been on [their] site” and as soon as they found out they worked quickly to get it removed.


Let’s cut to the chase: Fat girls know they’re fat. It just is what it is. I have a big head. If there was a “big head” section, I would appreciate if they labeled it that way so I wouldn’t waste my time perusing the “people with regular sized heads” selections. So what is the big deal about Walmart saying fat? Is fat a bad word now too? Is it like how you don’t call retarded people retards, you call your friends retards when they’re acting retarded? You don’t call fat girls fat, you call your friends that are fat big fatties so they feel bad about themselves and lose weight because you don’t want to be seen with them? If so, it makes sense.

And I don’t see how changing it from “fat girls” to “plus size” makes any sense or matters. Oh, much better! I think I’d rather be called fat than plus sized (hypothetically if I weighed more than Vince Wilfork’s left leg). Plus sized just sounds degrading. Fat sounds funny. Everyone loves a jolly fat guy. But if you’re a girl, being fat or plus sized is gross, cut that shit out.

At least they didn’t say “curvy”. That is the weirdest thing to ever happen to the English language. Where curvy is now a word used to replace fat. I will never understand it. Chicks who actually are curvy, like say Kim Kardashian who was the posterchild for thick/curvy/every black guy’s wet dream, now has nothing to call herself because 300 pounds behemoths now call themselves “curvy”. That shit has to stop.

PS: No sign of a fat girl Anna Rexia costume. Would be poetic.

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