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Here's Manhattan's Cheapest Apartment - A $350/month PALACE

I will start this blog differently than how you guys think I'm gonna start it, and that's by kinda/sorta complimenting NYC. I gotta say... this apartment isn't THAT bad. It's honestly not THAT far off from the first apartment I lived alone in, which was a 1 bed/ 1 bath for $1350/month in Lincoln Park. Smaller fridge, smaller stove, zero excess space at all. Radiators everywhere. Everything was grimy. That place sucked and was $1000 more to live in than this lady's Manhattan abode. So... NYC wins this round. 

Now, I did have a bedroom separate from the living room. Studios are fucking pathetic and if you live in one, you're a poor. There was also a roof deck and "gym" aka two treads and two elipticals. So, with that said, this is where I stop complimenting NYC and start bashing it for the shithole it is. The apartment above is the exception to the rule, and it's NEVER a good idea to argue exceptions.

NYC is a disgusting rat and trash filled city and the people are SO GODDAMN GREASY!!! Seriously, the typical New Yorker is a dego T wearing sweaty subhuman lowlife. 

Don't take my words for it though. Take the internet's. The internet never lies. Just look at these greasy freaks:

Because I'm a masochist, I'll scroll through Kevin's tweet thread about that Yanks vs. Bosox game every so often. Every time I do, I want to hurl. It was nothing but disgusting mutants as far as the eye can see.

And then we get to the rats...

And the trash...

And the subway system...

Gross, gross, gross and GROSS. It bottles my mind that people willingly live there. No wonder there's about to be a mass exodus of people from Barstool making their way for greener pastures (Chicago) next year. Can you imagine living in this hell hole? I couldn't. Not unless I was making like... $500K+ a year at the bare minimum. 

No fucking thank you. Place stinks. Oh... and it borders New Jersey. Point, set and match: literally anywhere else in the country (except for maybe Detroit... and Gary, Indiana... or Los Angelas)