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Tank On!!! Darnell Mooney and Eddie Jackson Both Placed On The IR

Over the last few weeks the narrative around the Bears shifted from "Is Justin Fields the guy?" to "Can Justin Fields lead a team to a game winning drive". 

I'll start by saying that narrative is fucking BEYOND stupid. Fields hasn't really fucked up any 2 min drills in the 4th quarter (sans 2 weeks ago when he had a dislocated shoulder, which we won't talk about). It was muffed punts, dropped passes, fumbles and shit outside of his control that got fucked up and were the differences between Ws and Ls. 

But Fields is the guy. Anyone who's watched him over the last 2 months knows that once he gets legit a weapon or two around him that he can flourish as a QB in this league. 

That said, I don't know if I want to see him again the rest of the year. The team is already dog shit from a personnel standpoint, and now they're gutted with injuries. Ya know what that means?

Tank on! 

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I truly hope they don't win another game. Here's the current draft order:

You have (maybe) the Packers, Panthers, Saints, Lions, and maybe another team or two that is going to be HUNGRY for QBs. If the Bears have a top 3 pick, they should demand a goddamn king's ransom for their spot in the draft. Completely rob a team fucking poor. Trade back to whatever spot, draft the best OL/DL available, add in a future 1st rounder + more mid round picks, go to work with the gazillion dollars of cap space you have and win the (dog shit) division in 2023.

Everything seems to be falling into place perfectly. The Bears designed this season to a T and even with their 3-9 record, I'm excited to watch them week in and week out. 

Love the trajectory. Let's get Fields, Mooney and Jackson healthy and take back the North next year and onward.