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About 10 Of Deshaun Watson's Accusers Will Be Attending The Browns vs. Texans Game This Sunday

Well, better get used to things like this, Browns fans. I'll admit that I didn't see this specific move coming, but it's no secret that away crowds, the media, and the general public are going to be coming at Deshaun Watson's neck this Sunday, next Sunday, and every Sunday until he retires. It's never going to go away. Whether he's a bust in Cleveland or he leads the Browns to their first ever Super Bowl, his past will always be the lead story. And the Browns signed up for it. In fact, the Browns didn't just sign up for it, they willingly traded away three 1st round draft picks to be allow to pay this man $230 million fully guaranteed dollars.

Part of me wonders whether it will ever be worth it in the football, on the field sense. Or, say he decided to go to the Saints, who would've taken him with open arms, is their franchise ruined? Do their fans get hate for supporting their team? Or would their fans really have turned their back on the organization? I would guess the reaction would be the same, but as a fan of the Browns, that's what we will live with. We root for the team, our city, and will cheer for wins because obviously we want our team to win. I will say whole heartedly that I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place these days. I'm cheering for the Cleveland Browns. We mortgaged our entire future on Deshaun Watson. I have to cheer for him to do well. And people HATE that. 

Obviously I'm on record that I'm excited to see him play quarterback for the Browns. Who wouldn't be?

And he's never played with the talent and weapons surrounding him like he'll have with the Browns. Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, David Njoku, and Amari Cooper. Pair that with Kevin Stefanski, who has turned Jacoby Brissett from a backup to the 7th rated QB in the league, and I do expect Deshaun Watson to be very good for us. Can he come in cold and rattle off 6 straight wins to take us to the playoffs this year? I don't know, but they certainly aren't facing murderer's row.

It starts with a win on Sunday vs the Texans, which seems like it's shaping up to be quite the spectacle.