Tim Weah's 2nd Goal Not Counting Is Everything That's Wrong With Soccer's Dumbass Offsides Rule

First off, I'm not convinced he was even offsides. Second, the fact we didn't get a VAR for this but get one for other things is outlandish. Third, #Chiefwasright

I'm not anti-offsides, I'm anti-the dumb rule. You should have to have your entire body offsides. This didn't have the impact on the play. Weah burnt the dude. It was a perfect pass. One knee wasn't why Weah scored. Weah scored because he's better than Iran. We shouldn't be penalized for that. 

This is why you keep the pressure when up 1-0 though. Get that 2nd goal first. All I know is we are dominating the match and need to continue to do so. 45 minutes for the rest of our lives. Keep making the runs. Pulisic and Weah have connected against Wales, should have connected today. Change the rule, win the match.