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Profile In Heroism: Germany’s Hottest Firefighter Vows To Never Quit Her Job Saving Lives

NY Post- Anike Ekina — who works for the Schwarzenbek Volunteer Fire Department in Schleswig-Holstein — has just been crowned “Germany’s hottest firefighter.

Ekina has made people hot under the collar with her searing Instagram snaps, which have surpassed 1.6 million fans on her official account.

Not only does the 36-year-old battle raging infernos for a living, but she can also light up the dance floor with her ability to play the saxophone. 

Ekina recently won the Venus award for a sexy saxophone performance at Germany’s No. 1 erotic fair, where she revealed that she plans on taking her talents on tour.

Despite being a rising star with club dates set for the coming year, Ekina has vowed, “Of course, I will remain loyal to the fire brigade!”

Wow! Noble civil servant, selfless front line worker, and plays the sax (my favorite instrument by a mile if you know me) better than just about anybody (not named Chuck Mangione). If this girl didn’t have the same haircut as Francis I think she’d be dream girl material. (No offense to anybody.)

But what a great statement to make after “blowing up”. It’s important to not forget where you came from, and to dance with the one who you brought you, and for Anike, that means firefighting and the sax. Not whoring it up on onlyfans. Keep up the hard work, looking forward to hearing you cover “Baker Street” sometime and having you on Barstool Backstage.