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The Rock Used To Steal A Snickers Bar Every Single Day From A Store When He Was A Kid So He Went Back And Bought Every Snickers Bar In The Store

The Rock doesn't know what real life is anymore. While yes this is a feel good story buying everyone there food but this guy just admitted he stole candy bars every day! If I did that right now and went back to a 7-11 I would probably get arrested. Maybe the authorities should be looking into the Rock. I am no rat but he is just admitting to some crimes out here and turned into him being a hero. 

The best part of the video is the girl at the end is on the phone probably with her husband and frantically just told her I need to hang up the Rock is here. You hear that with no context you might as well start filing for divorce. There could be so many scenarios going through your head, but you can't beat the Rock at anything so you're fucked. 

I think celebrities like the Rock are too famous they don't understand how this looks. Like I am a Rock fan but it seems like he was just bored and decided let's go pay for those snickers bars he stole 30 years ago. What is his people saying, Are they just like yeah Dwayne lets fucking do it thats an awesome idea. This is why I think we need a common sense guy or girl for every big celebrity, sports teams or big franchise. Someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight and just focuses on the information at hand to make a decision.  

I will say if I saw him doing this I would freak out and maybe even hug him. I just wish I can ask big celebrities like this if anyone in their immediate life gives them actual ideas or everyone just sucks up to them with everything they do. Also Snickers just got the best promotion they could have ever asked for.