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Spin Zone: CJ Gardner-Johnson Hits Dudes So Hard That He Lacerates His Own Kidney

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

First and foremost, a lacerated kidney sounds absolutely miserable. I'm going to assume this is easier to come back from than a few broken ribs, which looked like it could have been the case when CJGJ first went down on Sunday night. But imagine waking up the next morning after you just tore apart your kidney? I can't even begin to think about how much that Monday morning sucked. You could tell how much that shit sucked the moment that Gardner-Johnson laid that hit on Watson. Nothing about that body reaction looked natural. 

Now the bad news here is that CJ Gardner-Johnson is obviously going to miss a little bit of time. You'll be seeing everyone talk about how Zach Ertz suffered a similar injury and only missed a week. Then you'll see everyone talk about how Marhson Lattimore suffered a similar injury and has missed like 6 or 7 weeks. So nobody knows the exact timetable that Gardner-Johnson will be out. And considering the fact that the Eagles are 10-1 right now, it's not like they need to rush him back into the lineup anytime soon anyway. Either way though, injuries suck for everybody and especially when that player was having a career year and leading the NFL in interceptions. 

The good news? Well clearly CJ Gardner-Johnson can lay the fuckin' boom. If you're hitting dudes so hard that internal organs are in danger, then that's about as metal as it gets out there. Sure, he may have ended up getting the shit end of the stick on this particular hit stick. But throw on a flak jacket next time and lord help whoever decides to catch a ball in his general vicinity. Maybe that's why he leads the league in picks right now. Receivers realize it's in their best interest to just let Ceedy catch the ball instead, that way they can live to see another play. 

All I'm saying is that as long as the Eagles keep this pace going, they'll have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Little known thing about the city of Philadelphia, but it gets called as balls around here in January. You don't want to be freezing cold and end up getting crushed by CJ Gardner-Johnson coming across the middle. So the injury sucks, no doubt about it. But on the bright side, the Eagles picked up a bad, bad man this season. Potential for an all-time Eagle here.