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Auburn Reportedly Made Hugh Freeze Give Up Control Of His Twitter Account As Part Of His Contract

You know you've made the right decision in hiring a football coach as a university when you have to get a PR firm to help you handle the backlash and write into the coach's contract that he can no longer control his own Twitter account. Every great hire of the last decade has been accompanied by these things.

Each new detail that comes out about Hugh Freeze and Auburn makes me that much more excited to watch this beautiful disaster unfold. Even if he turns the Tigers around and wins some games, I am certain the success will not be without some level of controversy.

I honestly don't think it's all that uncommon for coaches' Twitter accounts to be run by the university — every head coach in America isn't waiting by the phone to tweet, "BOOM," with six emojis after every commitment — but having it written into a contract is something else. I guess Auburn would rather not have its new coach sending unsolicited DMs to women currently suing the university for mishandling sexual assault allegations:

Or to parody youth football coach accounts:

Or to completely random people who don't even mention him in tweets:

You know what, that was probably a pretty good clause to put in that contract. Keep Hugh off the Twitter machine, check his university cell phone call logs often and he might just turn out to be an alright coach.

We'll see what kind of results Auburn is able to yield from its apparent plan to simply let Freeze be a scumbag privately. As long as he beats Nick Saban, I think they'll be willing to put up with quite a lot.

Update: Freeze has denied Auburn is forcing him to give it control of his Twitter account. I guess we'll just have to  be on the lookout for rogue DMs to see if that's the case.