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TCU Should Not Be Penalized If They Lose Their Conference Championship Game

I think this years college football playoff is very easy. I think 3 teams should be in automatically in Michigan, Georgia and TCU. People are saying how TCU is only in if they win the conference Championship. Getting penalized for making it to your conference championhip is stupid. That would mean Ohio State would get rewarded for losing their only big game of the year and still getting in over a team that went undefeated in conference. 

It is also hard to beat a team twice in one year so why should they not be in the college playoff. I have said this over and over again but if this was Oklahoma they would be in no matter what. They just put up 62 points on a Top 10 defense in Iowa State but nobody wants to give them credit for that either. If USC loses though it is a whole different story. That means they would have lost to Utah twice and they definitely shouldn't be in. 

The best part about it all is that people are still saying Alabama is going to sneak its way in with no good wins and two losses. I wouldn't hate it if they got in so people freak the fuck out but I don't think Ohio State deserves to get in, nor does Alabama so I hope USC wins and these are the set 4. They are the most deserving and it will be a nice little changeup to the college football playoff.