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The White Sox Just Let Their Best Player Walk, As The Houston Astros Reel In Jose Abreu

Everyone all knew this would be happening, but it doesn't hurt any less to see it become official. First and foremost, thank you for 9 awesome seasons Pito. It's a complete travesty that the organization couldn't put decent teams around you, but you earned yourself a statue. Typically statues are reserved for those who experienced a shit ton of winning around them, but Abreu was the only player over the last ~10 years that was in the lineup every single night busting his ass to secure victories. He will be missed both on and off the field. He's off to greener pastures though. Good for him landing with an organization that wants to win. 

The Astros are getting a dude who's a complete model of consistency:

I don't give a shit that he's gonna be 36 or whatever next year. Nobody on earth should be shocked when he drops 30 bombs, hits .300 and gets on base at a .350 clip next year. Insert that into what's an already loaded lineup, and the Astros are looking like a wagon. Again. THAT, my friends, is sustained success. Multiple world series titles, multiple trips to the ALCS and signing the best players available.

Novel concept!!! 

Now, I understand letting Abreu walk in the sense that the White Sox have a fucked up roster with about a dozen 1B/DH types on it and Abreu probably should have been the odd man out. But make no mistake about it - if the White Sox had a need at 1B or DH entering the 2023 season, they would have let Abreu walk anyways. There was no way they were throwing him a 3 year deal at what I guess will be about the QO rate of about $18-19MM a year. NO SHOT. Because this organization (read: the owner) values money over wins. Money would have been an issue regardless. The Sox just had the easy out of saying they needed to move Vaughn to his natural position. Even if that weren't the case, they'd still be crying poor. That's how it goes with this team. That's how it went last year when they let Rodon walk for free and that's how it woulda went this year if they didn't have a roster of 100 1B/DH types.

I hate this, man. Shout out to Pito though. He was the ONE bright spot that was here over the last decade. I'm sad to see him go. Hopefully Vaughn steps in and doesn't see any 2nd half collapses anymore. 

It's going to be really tough replacing the one dude who was in the lineup every single day and producing every single day. Hopefully Hahn has a magic wand and can turn this steaming pile of shit into something that resembles a playoff team next year. 

This team ruins my life