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Ryan Whitney And The Chiclets Guys Lay Out A Scenario Where Patrick Kane Ends Up In Boston And I Am Officially Spiraling

"The Blackhawks will no say"--Ryan Whitney

I have been basically a "this is fine" meme for months now. The team is good? This is fine. The team loses 7 in a row? That was the plan. Bedard. Fantilli. This is fine.

Just staring at the mirror in the morning fighting off the dark thoughts about Patrick Kane going to this place or that place and I got to the point through some real mental gymnastics that maybe Kaner will just want to stay and re-sign. He seems to really like Richardson. Break all the records. Stay home. Rebuild the organization. Play with Bedard or Fantilli. Build a beautiful young family right here where it all started. It wasn't impossible. 

But...when you lose 7 straight and that is coupled with Kaner struggled offensively, you start to wonder and worry. Then when Whit hits your with a truth bomb right in the heart you start to spiral. 

Kane controls his destiny with the full NMC. He decides where he goes and if he wants Boston then he will get Boston. And if he wants Boston, well, this organization is basically fucked because Boston has virtually nothing to send back. 

Most publications rank the Bruins prospect pool as DEAD last. The Bruins do currently still own their first round pick, but since they are one of the better teams in the league that pick is likely going to be in that 26-32 range. First round picks are always a nice commodity and this year's draft is supposed to be great, but if the Bruins are the trade partner you are looking at getting a middle of the lineup type prospect (Fabian Lysell) and a late first. And that is if Boston is feeling generous. The greatest player this organization has ever had in exchange for a couple of guys who hopefully can play in your top 9 some day. WOOF. 

If that is the scenario I would honestly rather just tell Boston to shove it and ride it out to the end with 88 and hope to re-sign him. But...if he really wants to go and they don't let him then declining a trade will only piss him off and he's gone anyways. internal spiraling. Seeing Patrick Kane wear a different jersey and a different number on a team that has managed to keep themselves competitive for a decade while the Blackhawks have imploded will make me want to puke cry. I can't have it. These are dark times and I have dark thoughts and it's all Whitney's fault.