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The Texas Rangers "Seem More Confident" In Signing Carlos Rodon Than Jacob deGrom, Which Opens The Door For The Mets

SOURCE - Texas has been viewed as the biggest threat to sign deGrom away from the Mets. However, their interest in Rodon is serious, which would take them out of the deGrom sweepstakes.

Per multiple reports, the Mets believe deGrom will choose them as long as their offer comes close to any external offers from other clubs.

This makes a lot of sense for the Rangers. DeGrom is five years older than Rodon and will be getting a shorter deal than Rodon. I'm certainly not saying that Rodon is a better pitcher or would be a better bargain. I just think it's going to take the Rangers some time before they are competitive. That would be like if a movie studio signing Robert DeNiro to an eight picture deal. He's still a great actor right now but in a few years?

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The Rangers went 68-94 last year and that was after signing Marcus Semien, Corey Seager, Jon Gray and Martin Perez last off-season. Those guys mostly worked out but it just proves the Rangers are still pretty far from competing. The good news is all of those free agents will be back next year and if they were to sign Carlos Rodon, he would obviously help. He'd also do so at a lower amount per year (AAV) giving the Rangers more flexibility to fix other areas like catcher and most of the outfield.

As far as deGrom, he's the best fit for a team like the Dodgers, Yankees or Mets who are ready to compete right now. The Yankees apparently won't sign Mets free agents and the Dodgers appear much more interested in Justin Verlander. Which should put the Mets in prime position to re-sign deGrom. Winter Meetings start next week and I do expect the hot stove season to start moving soon. So if the Mets wait too long and the Giants miss out on Aaron Judge, they might start looking for someone to replace Rodon.