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I Laughed Very Hard At These Turkey Trot Hardos Over The Weekend

Lot happened over the Thanksgiving weekend. We ate , Michigan smashed Ohio State, Emrata and Pete Davidson are dating out in public, I hit my game of the year ,The Barstool Store is still 20% (feel free to buy a hat to cover your bald heads in the clubs),  and then this video hit my TikTok timeline and I watched it over and over. 

I don't know when it's from, I don't know where it's from or how old it is, but man is it good. Something about running people taking themselves so fucking serious and then epically failing that just makes me laugh. Runners who jog in place at intersections/ red lights , the extra tight leggings, and everything else. Runners are amazing to me. I mean that in the good sense and the bad sense. Anyone who can do long distances or fast speeds are amazing. They should be applauded. 26.2 Miles, 4.4 speed .. I applaud you. But you also do some really weird stuff. Like the running club that used to have a post run happy hour every Thursday at the bar I used to work at. Right after the run ... still in their sweaty clothes just having a drink . I always found that counterproductive, but that's just me. 

This video though I can't get enough ... two maniacs battling for 3rd place in a Turkey Trot where there cannot be a big prize, just the thrill of victory. Jostling for position. I love it. I wish I could see them get up at the end and both just be super embarrassed that they risked their lives for a consolation prize t-shirt at best. Classic