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Michigan Planting A Flag On Ohio State's 50 Yard Line Was Bush League, But The Buckeyes Sitting And Watching It Happen Was Much Worse

Let me start off by saying this: winners can do whatever they want. 

Michigan dominated Ohio State on their own field and they are well within their right to run their mouths in press conferences, brag on social media, and plant flags wherever they damn well please. If Ohio State didn't want Michigan to plant a flag at the 50 yard line of Ohio Stadium, then they shouldn't have gotten beat by 22 points by their rivals in Ohio Stadium. It doesn't matter than Ohio State didn't plant any flags when they won 15 of 16 games in the rivalry and instead chose to take the high road and win with class, Michigan chose to act in a Bush League way and I have no problem with that. I just want to remind them that what goes around comes around, and I don't want to see ANY crying when Ohio State acts accordingly whenever Ryan Day and/or the next coach decide to instill some pride back in the program.

I have no problem with the flag plant by the players. I do however have 2 problems with what happened:

Problem #1.) Jim Harbaugh saying he was fine with the flag plant.

Be an adult. This makes me sick. Jim Harbaugh is the first person to preach integrity and the last person to practice it. Be happy for your team privately and say whatever you want in the locker room, but a man of Harbaugh's fake moral stature needs to condemn this publicly. Instead, he went to quite possibly the worst excuse in the history of the spoken word:

“There’s songs. They have songs — the one about how they don’t give a damn about the whole state of Michigan"

Oh my God. Ohio State has SONGS? And they say they don't give a DAMN about Michigan? I stand corrected. Plant a flag every time you win at their place. Piss on the 50 next time. Songs! Damn!

The fact of the matter is that 18-22 year old kids will do dumb things, but Jim Harbaugh will be the first very first person to say how Ohio State crossed the line when they retaliate. Saturday was a huge win for him, but let's not forget that he was one fake covid forfeit in 2020 away from being fired. 

Problem #2.) The 100+ Ohio State players that sat and watched this happen. 

The only thing worse than Ohio State getting emasculated by their rival for the second year in a row, this time at home, was the fact that all of these players that supposedly "hate" Michigan sat there while they planted a Michigan flag at the 50 yard line of Ohio Stadium. Say what you want about Urban Meyer, but he would've been the first one out there to knock someone out like they were Terrell Owens posing on the Cowboys star. There should have been a brawl on Saturday afternoon at the first hint of this happening. Michigan can cry assault about their instigating of the Michigan State situation a couple weeks ago, but they deserved to be assaulted on Saturday.

And Troy Smith and the former Buckeyes are making their concerns known, too:

Troy Smith: Born in Columbus Ohio, raised in Cleveland Ohio.

That's my biggest issue with the Ohio State program today. Where is the pride? For CJ Stroud, born and raised in California, to say this, says a whole lot about how Ryan Day, born and raised in New Hampshire, has treated this rivalry.

WRONG. The Game defines EVERYTHING. 11-1 and a failure of a season.