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USMNT Captain, Tyler Adams, Brilliantly Answers A Finger-Wagging Question From A Member Of The Iranian Media

Due to the rampant corruption, the location of the tournament, the state of the world, and this strange period of time where seemingly EVERYTHING has politics baked in, the World Cup was always going to have a political angle. I was hoping that once the tournament started we could focus on the athletes competing and the fans around the world who are largely all motivated by the same things and enjoy the same sport. 

Unfortunately, our federation, decided to add a political undertone to the game tomorrow with social media antics

I am all for supporting the people on the ground who are protesting about what they say is tyranny. Perhaps, though, given our own dirty laundry in an extremely complex history with Iran that goes back 100 or so years, maybe the US Soccer Federation shouldn't be the ones throwing the first stone. People are entitled to their opinions (I certainly express mine on our podcasts my social media), but when you're a social media account/governing body that represents the United States Soccer Team you shouldn't be putting the players in a position where they have to answer for your tweets. Same way I wouldn't tweet my personal views from the main Barstool account because I don't represent the brand or company at large. 

Thankfully, the United States has the PERFECT captain representing us. I was proud that he represented us in that moment and on the world stage. That answer makes me think that he should be the third Adams to be president. Leave Doha, bypass Leeds, and head straight to D.C. because that is the type of response you want to an inflammatory question about an extremely nuanced situation from your representative. Being able to give that answer at 23 years-old was remarkable. There's no way he could've been prepped for a question like that...or any of these

Adams just showed why he wears the arm band and why he should continue to for the rest of this generation.