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Antonio Brown Did Not Miss His Opportunity to Ridicule the Bucs and His Frenemy Tom Brady

Mike Ehrmann. Getty Images.

There is an almost unlimited number of ways to describe Antonio Brown. And I like to think that over the years I've pretty much exhausted them all. He's a terrible human being. An unstable crackpot. An awful teammate. A locker room carcinogen who is deadly to the coaches who contract him. And above all else, the worst kind of "friend" imaginable. Especially to those precious few who try to help him. Which I've documented over the last year or so:

But today I think I've come up with a new way of defining this loathsome, irredeemable trash person, inspired by his latest Tweets. 

With Tom Brady suffering and the team he committed career Seppuku on:

… struggling at 5-6, Brown was not about to let an opportunity to air old beefs go to waste:

Ah yes, this old chestnut. Festivus season is almost upon us. Let the Airing of the Grievances begin! Given the radical differences in both the spelling and grammar in the two posts, I think it's safe to say the first one came from Brown's heart, while the second either had a co-author or is a Copy & Paste job. Either way, the sentiment is clear.

By way of context, not long after Brown pulled his Ned Braden goodbye on the Bucs, he released texts he exchanged with Alex Guerrero demanding he get part of the $100,000 he paid to get treatment from TB12 Fitness:

Based on today's Tweets, he presumably did not come away satisfied from his dealings with TB12 Fitness' Customer Service Department. So he's taking a flamethrower to the place once again.

The thing is, on this one particular issue of Brady selling a very expensive service to his teammates, Brown is not wrong. It caused a lot of friction in New England:

And the inherent conflicts-of-interest of the arrangement are so obvious they don't need to be explained. If I'm ever going to agree with Brown on anything, it's this. But the fact he's bringing it up now, with Brady at a low point in his career, explains the nature of a guy like him in ways that hadn't occurred to me until now. Above all else, there's one word to describe Antonio Brown.


Not in the Chris Hanson standing in a kitchen with a camera crew telling you to take a seat kind of way. But in the sense that he's a hunter, looking for prey to feed on. In order to do so, a predator needs to identify weaknesses and exploit them. To find the one antelope in the herd who's walking with a limp. The baby zebra who can't keep up with the pack. The sheep in the flock who seems sickly. The Buccaneers left themselves wide open to be feasted on by losing four of their last six and being 27th in the league in points. But for his part, Brady has shown the greatest weakness of all in the eyes of a true predator like Brown. And that is kindness. 

We've all known guys like him. Who experience kindness and see it as a flaw. A vulnerability to be exploited. I used to work with guys at my old state job who were superpredators when it came to this shit. They had an innate sense for finding the lady in the office who'd listen to them cry poor mouth and hit them up for money. Or that guy who'd cover for them so they could take smoke breaks or leave early. People like this pass themselves off as victims, when in fact they are hunters. If Brady had never welcomed AB into his home in Brookline, or recruited him to the Bucs, or let him stay with him in Tampa as well - if he'd treated him just like any other journeyman teammate to come through the locker room - Brown wouldn't be dragging his ass every chance he gets. But he committed the one unpardonable crime when dealing with someone like him. He was good to him. Treated him well. And for that, he'll be stalked through the social media forest forever. Even if he does pay back all that TB12 Fitness money. It's just how Brown is wired. And you can't fight nature. 

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