Ghana's Coach Taking A Selfie With A Crying Son Right After Their 3-2 Win Is The Most Disrespectful (And Hilarious) Move

Every other video got hit with a copyright violation, so hopefully this stays up.

Just an unbelievable move here by someone on Ghana's staff. Korea loses a 3-2 heartbreaker to them and what do you do? Go right up to their star Son who is clearly crying and whip out your phone. I mean funny is funny. Even if I love Son. Even if Son is one of our Tottenham boys. Funny is funny and that's all I can say about this move. My man couldn't wait for another moment. He had to take a picture right then and there. I hope he frames it. Best part is Son has no idea what's going on. He thinks he's just talking to a couple opposing coaches. No doubt in my mind he had no idea about the phone. Makes it somehow even more disrespectful. 

It wasn't just this coach though. Ghana put on a masterclass in shit talking in the stands: 

Fair is fair at the World Cup. You have 3 matches to get out of the group stage. If you get a win you start shit talking anyone around you. I have no problem with this. It was also a massive upset. Ghana is the lowest ranked team at the World Cup. It's not Saudi Arabia over Argentina, but this like a 14 over a 3 in the NCAA Tournament. Maybe a 13 over a 4. You had a little bit of everything in this match too. Ghana going up 2-0. Korea's Cho scoring two goals in the second half before Ghana answered. It was an AWESOME match. 

But again, this is about shit talking and selfies. You win? I have no problem with it. A tie or a loss and I'd make fun of you.