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Matt Fitzgerald Is A Nice Guy, But If He Jinxes Me I'm Done With Him Forever

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Matt Fitzgerald wrote a real nice blog about my USC Caleb Williams Heisman prediction +1000 I gave out a few weeks ago. It was real nice. I never met Matt, seems like a real good guy. Good blogger, nice follow on the bird, and a true sports fan. 

Matt wrote the blog and at the time Williams was -2000 or so and he has since moved to -3335. Matt was great in reporting that it is Williams' Heisman to lose and me giving it out at 10-1 was great value. The only problem is the award has not be given out yet, so there is a very real possibility Williams can have a bad night, USC loses the game (tune into Pick Em for my opinion), my bet loses and Matt Fitzgerald ends up jinxing me hard. 

Now again, Matt is a real nice guy, and I don't think he did this intentionally. But the facts still remain he could very much jinx me. He's got blogs to do, quotas to hit, and by all accounts he wrote the story that was becoming the story across football Saturday night (other than me hitting my Game Of The Year). 

On the other hand he violated every gambling code on the planet by writing that blog before the award is handed out. He knows that. I know that. Now we must play the waiting game, and to be honest this may not even come into play because Williams may deliver a terrific performance Friday night and seal the deal. But if he doesn't…Matt Fitz can cross #Ryder off the list of things he is, that's for damn sure. 

This isn't personal, this is business. Jinxes exist, let's hope this wasn't one. 

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