DeAndre Hopkins Wants To Get Into A Boxing Ring And Fight Charvarius Ward For Calling Him 'Steroid Boy'

This is the only acceptable response from DeAndre Hopkins. If someone calls you steroid boy and say they don't respect you, you fight them. That seems fair. But not a cheap shot. He wants a good, clean fight. Luckily I know just the spot: 

We already have a DB there so might as well add another one. We know the Cardinals don't need to worry about the postseason so Hopkins should have plenty of time. Obviously the 49ers are in the race, but Ward can take a day off. I mean if he doesn't respect Hopkins clearly he can survive a few minutes in the boxing ring with him. It's an even way to do it. No dirty shots. No sneak attacks. Just two guys throwing haymakers in a ring. What's better than that? 

Again, clean shots both ways here. Ward called him steroid boy which technically is correct. Hopkins was suspended 6 games for PED use. Hopkins fires back wanting to fight. That seems fair for Ward going off on him. I also assume Hopkins is pissed because the Cardinals suck and he has to deal with that. So get in the ring boys. Make it happen.