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Qatar Has Allegedly Been Paying Fake Fans To Cheer For Brazil In The World Cup

Daily Mail - An Australian comedian has confronted Indian and Bangladeshi fans at the World Cup wearing Brazilian jerseys and accused them of being 'fake' as videos of identikit fans wearing shirts from different countries emerge.

Jon-Bernard Kairouz took to the streets of Qatar to confront the supporters in a video titled 'World Cup Fake Fans,' following Brazil's opening match with Serbia. 

It comes after videos shared online show large groups of men, mostly of Indian and Bangladeshi origin, wearing the colours of national teams including England, Brazil, Germany and Argentina, lead to speculation they had been 'hired' by Qatar to build atmosphere for the competition.

DISCLAIMER: The Won Ton Don, who is currently in attendance at the World Cup, does not support any negative comments made about the beautiful country of Qatar in this blog. 

In short, here is the situation. 

A man, who identifies himself as a Tik Tok comedian, noticed a bunch of fans of Indian decent wearing Brazil soccer gear. He shoved a microphone in their face and asked them questions about Brazil's futbol soccer team. Most of them didn't know shit. In conclusion, this Tik Tok comedian determined that the fans were paid to be there by the Qatari government. 

I'm not sure if I'm buying this or not. My first reaction was that it's not true.

For starters, this comedian appears to have found one group of Indian gentleman wearing Brazil jerseys. How many people would Qatar actually have to pay for this to be an effective strategy? Way more than a bachelor party worth of dudes right? 

And of all countries, I can't imagine Brazil would need a slew of fake fans. Brazil seems like the last country that would need plants in the stands. They show out better than anyone. Take this man wearing a traditional Brazilian watermelon helmet. You can't pay for that type of authenticity. 

Additionally, consider these hot and busty Brazilian body paint women.

I think Brazil is doing just fine on their own. 

If Qatar actually pulled something like that off, think about how hilarious it would look. With half of the fans putting all of their blood, sweat, and tears cheering into cheering for their team while wearing fruit baskets on their heads, and painting over their vaginas. Then juxtapose that next to a whole section of Indian men standing there in matching Neymar jerseys, smiling politely with comically big cameras hanging around their necks.

However, there is always a chance it could be true, because Qatar is a stupid place, and they make stupid decisions. Everything Qatar has done at the World Cup has been stupid. From banning alcohol, to banning rainbows, to sacrificing half of their population in order to build enough stadiums to hold the World Cup. All very dumb, and stupid things. There's very possibly some idiot in the Qatari government looking menacing in his red headdress and long white robe who went rogue and sent 1000 rubies to a group of friends in India, and told them to come to Qatar and cheer for Brazil. Then chalked that up to a hard days work. It's really not that farfetched.  

I think more likely than not, these are groups of friends who have enough money, and thought "Hey the World Cup, that's an event, maybe we should go. Brazil is good team, let's buy some Brazil jerseys and go mix it up with the Brazilians." Then some dude started questioning them and their English isn't that great so they just started answering yes to everything and confirming everything he asked them.

Or maybe Qatar is that fucking stupid to think that paying a handful of dudes to attend the World Cup will actually make a difference.