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Thoughts And Prayers To The Oregon Booster Who Bought An $11,000 Suite For The Pac-12 Championship Game When The Ducks Were Up By 21 Points On Saturday

John Canzano — There’s considerable frustration among some high-profile donors and boosters at the University of Oregon.

They had a front-row seat on Saturday for a modern remake of one of Aesop’s greatest hits — “The Tortoise and the Hare.” 

Oregon State beat Oregon 38-34. 

The Ducks spent a pile of money, built lavish facilities, hired a line of high-dollar recruiters, worked the analytics, but got beat by the slow and steady act of Jonathan Smith and Oregon State.

One frustrated UO donor saw the Ducks ahead by 21 points in the second half, picked up the phone, and bought a luxury suite at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Championship game. 

The cost: $11,000, plus catering.

“Last box that wasn’t in the corners of the stadium,” the donor said.

It sounds like whoever did this has enough money that an $11,000 mistake won't affect Christmas too much this year, but just the principle of this has to be sickening. I can empathize with how bad it feels to have your school's football team squander a big opportunity in heartbreaking fashion this season, so I imagine losing a few thousand dollars on top of that has to be a pretty rough day.

Just always wait until the game ends, kids. Maybe you end up with a suite in the corner or end zone for the Pac-12 Championship Game, but watching Oregon from there seems like a far better option than being stuck trying to sell a suite you prematurely bought for Utah-USC.

I think this story is actually a testament to how good Oregon has been over the years. This guy hadn't been kicked in the dick enough to consider the possibility of getting outscored 28-3 to end the game and lose like I would have as a Tennessee fan. Such naivety is actually a privilege — though that innocence was obviously lost this weekend.

Sad day. Bad day.