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Presenting The Perfect Argument Against Any Dummy Who Complains That Soccer Is Boring

I've been thinking about this Feits tweet for far too long. He sums it up perfectly. Every single thing is boring if you don't understand (or don't care). Those are the two biggest things. Both tweets here are right. Baseball is insanely boring - unless you care. Soccer is boring - unless you care. Now the best thing about it is the 'soccer sucks' crowd keeps getting smaller every four years. You'll never change the person who complains about a 0-0 tie like it's the end of the world without knowing that a point in group stage is significant. 

And, hey, if you want to say there's not enough scoring in soccer, fine. I think you're wrong. I do get that 0-0 ties happen but we call 1-0 baseball games 'pitchers duels.' There are a shit ton of boring ass baseball games that are 1-0 that are chalked up to a pitchers duel. I might start that change for soccer. But the fact is 1) scoring is really fucking hard in soccer and 2) if you truly care/understand the sport you know that while there are typically minimal consequential moments in the game, they can come at any time. Shit, we've seen goals in the first 2 minutes of World Cup games and we've seen goals at the buzzer. You just never know when it's going to come. 

But this is true for more than just soccer or baseball. I don't care or understand comic book movies. So I find them boring. I know I'm in the minority there - like most of the soccer sucks crowd. This World Cup has been awesome. Just look at the first two matches today, ridiculous comebacks and 3-3, 3-2 scores. Not too bad! 

That's not to say there aren't boring matches. That's true in any sport. In fact, I can think of one right off the bat for our beloved football: 

Feits, soccer genius. 

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