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Reason #1 Why Hockey Fans Should Leave Fighting To The Players: Idiot Knocks Himself Out While Brawling In The Stands

I don't know exactly what I was expecting when I saw the description "man knocks himself out" for this video, but it sure as shit wasn't that. Maybe a case of friendly fire? Maybe falling over the seats while trying to throw a wild punch and hitting his head on the ground? Either way I wasn't expecting the "fight is over, everybody is going their separate ways, and Red Deer Rick decides to hype up that crowd by bashing his skull against the glass" move. 

I'll admit, though, this was probably the best way for this bozo to go out. The man was getting bullied up against the glass. He got his shirt pulled over his head and had his gut spilling out for the whole crowd to see. He was probably drunk and acting like an asshole the whole night. The man was completely humiliated there, but in his mind he went out as a hero. The crowd was cheering and he realized that his night wasn't going to get any better from there, so it was time to shut the lights off. Wake up in a hospital, head back to wherever he came from, crush a gallon of malt liquor and then do it all again the next night. For this particular idiot, this might have actually been the best move. 

But for everybody else out there? Perhaps just consider the option that maybe you don't have to get into a fight just because you're at a hockey game. You can just leave that to the dudes on the ice who actually know what they're doing. Leave that to the dudes on the ice who everybody else showed up to the game to watch engage in a bit of fisticuffs. Nobody paid money that night to watch a couple of drunk degenerates rub their bellies together for 20 seconds while throwing a combined 1.5 punches. They want to see shit like this instead. 

Great tilt, boys. Great tilt. 

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