ESPN Is Somehow Giving Ohio State An 88% Chance Of Making The College Football Playoff

This is garbage, and it's rubbish, and it's just not true. 

In what world does Ohio State even belong on this graphic after our performance on Saturday, let alone IN THE TOP 3? Let me say this loud and clear: you cannot get beat by 22, at home, by your rival, when you're favored, and more talented, and their best player is out, in front of 17 million pairs of eyeballs, and still make the playoff. Better luck next year, Ohio State. 

88% chance? That's an implied odds of around -750, which would go down as the worst bet in the history of gambling. But on the flip side, can we get someone to take USC at 7 to 1 to make the playoff? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if USC beats Utah on Friday night, in which they are favored to do, they 100.0% will be in the playoff. I demand to see the formula that spit out USC having a 12% chance. 

As for TCU, I personally think they should be in regardless of what happens this weekend in the Big 12 Championship game. If the season ended today, TCU would be above Ohio State, so why should they get punished for playing in their conference title game when Ohio State didn't even make theirs?

Georgia and Michigan are already locks, and TCU should be, so Ohio State's ONLY chance of making the cut is if USC loses on Friday. And even with that, I think the committee needs to think long and hard about letting two-loss Alabama in over the Buckeyes. Bama's two losses being by 3 @ Tennessee and by 1 @ LSU are lightyears ahead of Ohio State getting embarrassed by 22 at home. And even if the committee does decide to throw us a bone and invite us to the playoff, I think Gene Smith needs to decline. Ohio State simply does not deserve it this year. Have some pride and realize that this was unacceptable. 

Although the more I hear our former Heisman frontrunner quarterback speak, who is now 0-2 vs. Michigan, I still don't think these non-Ohio native coaches and players grasp what just happened.

That's where you're wrong, CJ. And that's where our coaching staff has failed us. Who taught him to feel this way? One game DOES define you. It's called THE GAME for a reason. And because of that loss, this season is over and it is a failure. If the Buckeyes make the College Football Playoff, it will be a travesty.