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INSANE: Some Dude Fell Off a Carnival Cruise Ship And Was Found Alive More Than 15 Hours Later In The Gulf Of Mexico

Horacio Villalobos. Getty Images.

Daily Mail

The 28-year-old Carnival Valor passenger who was miraculously rescued after spending 15 hours treading water in the Gulf of Mexico disappeared after he was repeatedly told to stop vaping by staff, it was claimed. 

A passenger on board the ship, Whitney Gaines, told DailyMail.com that she sat next to the missing man's family at breakfast the morning after he vanished. The family were talking about how he didn't come back to his room that night. 

Gaines said that his family were talking about how 'he kept getting in trouble for vaping in non-designated smoke areas, because there's only one area where you can really go smoke.'

Late last week a miracle took place in the Gulf of Mexico when a man was found alive more than FIFTEEN hours after he fell overboard of a cruise ship. His incredible ability to survive for that long should be the main storyline, but it's not. We'll get to this guy's theatrics, but for now we must talk about his sister. 

Gaines also said that the missing man's sister said that she had been with him in one of the ship's bars. 'She said he was with me. And then he wasn't.' 

All of the bars on board the Valor close at 11 pm, his disappearance prompted the family to continue to search the ship until 3 am.  Earlier it was reported that the man's sister waited until noon the next day to report him missing, according to KPLC 7. The ship was searched, but he was not found. The crew called the Coast Guard at 2.30pm.

Ummm why the fuck did this dude's sister wait until noon the next day to report him missing? They were at the bar together before he mysteriously vanished and never came back. It's not like everyone went on with their night and assumed they'd just see him for breakfast the next day. No the family apparently went searching for him until 3am. Then they just all went to bed and hoped for the best? Better yet they woke up and waited until the afternoon to sound the alarms. Either these are the most useless people on Earth or this guy is basically the Aaron Rodgers of the family. 

Carnival provided support to his family while he was missing. His family remains on board the cruise ship and Gross said he spoke with them. 

Oh they're still on the ship headed to Mexico while he's in the hospital? Yup, he's their Rodgers. 

It is crazy this guy was able to stay alive like this for more than half a day. Steven Cheah couldn't tread water for 10 minutes before having to get out of that pool. That long in middle of the ocean with who knows what creatures swimming around you in the pitch black of the night? Curtains. 

Now the question is how did he manage to fall over? Gotta think the answer starts with some strong drinks. Maybe he thought he was Rose?

Maybe he was puking off the side and leaned over a little too far? Maybe there was some foul play afoot? Regardless, what a crazy way to spend Thanksgiving. Can you imagine that initial freakout feeling after realizing you just fell off a cruise ship into the fucking Gulf of Mexico. I think I'd die from a panic attack before drowning. Just floating in the water in complete darkness. Wanna talk about a terrible way to have your life end? That's the winner. 

#TeamPool man always and forever.