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'He Better Pray To God I Don't Find Him' - Canelo Is Ready To Beat The Shit Out Of Messi For Disrespecting Mexico

Take it easy here Canelo. I say that respectfully because he would 100% kick my ass. I'd much rather get in the ring with Messi and chase him around while I get winded before throwing soft punches. Canelo hitting me? No thank you. I know he's pals with Large too and that big man can throw a punch. So I'm gonna say respectfully, take it down a notch. 

You see Canelo is pissed off that Messi was dancing around and apparently his foot brushed part of the Mexico jersey. It wasn't on purpose. He wasn't stomping on the logo. He wasn't stomping on the jersey. In fact, if anything, Canelo should be pissed that Messi just abused Mexico on the field. 

That's far more disrespectful than leaving a jersey on the ground: 

Since the MEXICO shirt is on the ground, it's already an insult. Stop bullshitting about what was or wasn't.

I don't know if there'd be a bigger mismatch in anything than a boxer vs a soccer player in a fight. Especially Messi! There's no chance Messi knows how to throw a punch. I mean, I don't blame the guy. He's the best soccer player, not fighter. 

So head on a swivel, Messi. I'm also not above thinking Ronaldo really instigated Canelo here. Probably sent him a couple messages of it.