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I Think It's Fair To Say Mike White Is Literally Patrick Mahomes 2.0


What a Sunday afternoon of FOOTBALL. The New York Jets are gonna make me JET UP!

After one of the most demoralizing losses of the NFL season, Mike White rejuvenated the Jets franchise today with an absolutely phenomenal performance. He was in the Meadowlands beating his own records:

Nobody is happier than the Jets WR room including....Garrett Wilson.....

And none other than Elijah Moore!


The Bears aren't very good, so I'm not going to get too excited about the Jets, but they did what they had to do today. The offense destroyed one of the worst defenses in the league and the pass rush dominated after a less-than-ideal start. 

The Jets sit at 7-4….in a decent spot for a Wild Card thanks to the Patriots loss on Thursday to the Vikings. Only thing is, the Jets have to play in Minnesota next Sunday…followed by the Bills in Buffalo. Anyone would take a split there, but even if both are losses, the schedule then eases up (a bit): vs. Lions, vs. Jaguars, @ Seahawks, @ Dolphins. The AFC is a car crash for the 3 Wild Card spots thanks to seemingly everyone having 6, 7, or 8 wins. Not gonna be easy, but the Jets playing meaningful football games in December is something I am ALL about. 

I'm going to enjoy this win, especially with a competent QB behind it. Not going to make any proclamations on Mike White's future (lol, as if I didn't in the title) until he plays a few real defenses, but for now? I am a Mike White super fan. Broadway Mike.