It Took 12 Weeks And The Worst Offense Of The Last 20+ Years For A Broncos Player To Finally Lose It On Russell Wilson

I don't know what was said in that brief moment, but I'm pretty sure nose tackle Mike Purcell was the messenger for roughly 50 other guys in the Broncos locker room that was something along the lines of WHEN ARE YOU GONNA START RIDING MOTHERFUCKER considering Denver's offense is dead last in points per game and a guy that calls himself Mr. Unliiiiiimited does shit like this on the sidelines when he isn’t doing full blown workouts on the team flight.

Not that I'm surprised we finally had things boil over considering we saw Russ catch this look back when he still had the New QB Smell for the Broncos less than a month after the season started.

Then again, it seems like the last thing the Broncos want is for Russ to cook, so I guess it must be another offensive coordinator's fault a Russell Wilson offense sucks as Denver gets their dicks kicked in by the Panthers.

UPDATE: I knew things were bad but not this bad. WOOF!

Tell'em Monocle Pete! Trading Russ for a bunch of picks, including multiple firsts likely in the Top 10 is a great deal. But not as great of a deal as the Barstool Store being 20% off through the weekend!