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If Paddy The Baddy's Dog Takes A Sloppy Shit On Your Front Lawn, He's Gonna Try His Very Best To Clean It

What an all time Paddy The Baddy video.

On one hand, this situation definitely shows the kinda guy Paddy really is (humble, kind, down-to-earth, etc.) and I'm glad people can see that's how he is when cameras are "off", you know? If his dog takes a sloppy shit on your front lawn, he's gonna try to clean that shit up no matter what. He'll try to snag it with a poo bag first, and if that doesn't work, he'll ring ya up for some water or something. He'll figure it out!

On the other hand, this whole video is just fucking hilarious. Plain and simple. From the "sloppy shit" verbiage Paddy opens with, to the lady recognizing him right off the bat and being delighted about the fact that she was talking to him, I couldn't stop laughing watching this. It's going super viral on Twitter/Instagram as well, for good reason.

In Paddy's defense, there's nothing worse than trying to pick up a sloppy dog shit with a poo bag - ESPECIALLY if it's in grass! It's nearly impossible and gets grosser and grosser with every miserable "scoop" - like trying to get chili out of someone's hair with a sandwich bag. If you're a dog person you know what I'm talking about. Just disgusting.

Anyway - shoutout Paddy the Baddy! We're officially less than TWO WEEKS from his first ever UFC co-main event on PPV against Jared Gordon....