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Of Course We Have A Skunk In The Stands At The Browns Game

A skunk is the kind of animal you don't want to take seriously, but you know in the back of your head you have to be so careful. They are evil. If you get sprayed you have to bathe in like tomatoes or some shit for a week straight just to get the stench off. If you get sprayed by a skunk in front of your friends, you just have to get new friends. They'll never look at you the same way. Getting sprayed at a football game while watching the Browns? Worst case scenario. 

Rodents are the worst animals. If I had to choose between dealing with a wolf or a skunk in my apartment I would choose the wolf. With a wolf I know we are fighting for our lives, but a skunk can ruin my day in so many ways. For these fans though I want to talk to the guy who isn't bothered one bit by this skunk. He looks down sees it and just grabs his beer. You can tell he's seen some shit in that stadium. Nothing phases him. The Browns have ruined his life more times than he can remember. You think a skunk is going to bother him? Nope, he's dead inside and just there to watch some football. I, on the other hand, would have already been in the car ride home. Certainly don't need to fuck around with a skunk and find out what happens.