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Worlds Are Colliding! Oz The Mentalist Visited The Bucs, Just As He Predicted Weeks Ago On The Yak, And He Was Breaking Minds Yet Again

A few weeks ago on The Yak, the most interesting man in the world, Oz The Mentalist paid us a visit. He was only with us for a few minutes, but they were incredible. He had me going so much that when he said he was going to visit the Bucs, I legitimately thought it was part of the act.

It wasn't, which was hilarious, but what some people might not know is that I'm a big of a magic guy myself! I've busted out some tricks on The Yak that left the guys amazed.

So it's very cool to see my Bucs world and interest in magic colliding! So without further ado, be prepared to be amazed. Oz The Mentalist x The Buccaneers crossover. The event of a lifetime for myself.

We are hoping to get Oz on for a full show of The Yak, so be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel and check out our great merch which is STILL 20% off for an extended Black Friday sale.