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The Tank Is FULLY On For The Bears. Fields OUT. Backup Trevor Simien...Injured During Warm-Ups. Nathan Peterman Is Your QB1 Today

If I am being honest, I am not even sure if the thumbnail image for this blog is Nathan Peterman. Could just be some dad who is playing in a Turkey Bowl with his son and the other neighborhood kids. At the beginning of the season we all probably had this game circled as a measuring stick game. Fields vs Zach Wilson. The game is finally here and apparently we are getting Nathan Peterman vs Mike White. Not exactly what we signed up for, but probably the best case scenario for the Bears as they try to win the tankathon. Nobody can help you tank quicker than Nathan Peterman. We are almost three years to the day of this epic performance that will never be topped

Buckle up, blindfold yourself, it's going to be a long miserable day. 

Very interested to see if we get more goals in Spain-Germany or more TDs in Bears-Jets