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The Illinois 6A Football State Championship Game Featured The Most Absurd Size Difference I've Ever Seen In My Life

I would have used the pic as the thumbnail, but wanted you all to click on this blog to keep Dente off my ass. Would have even used a GIF, but I didn't bother looking up any highlights to the game because I already know what those clips look like. Just East St. Louis running for score after score.... and yup, just looked it up. Yep. 50-7. 

This just ain't fun. State championships aren't supposed to be this lopsided. That's not a dig on East St. Louis, but holy shit....make these guys play 7A or 8A. Can't be fun for them either. The've been dominant forever, I'm sure they'd embrace the challenge. They used to petition to play 7A anyways, so let them play there.

Also got me wanting to watch Friday Night Lights (the movie is 1000x better than the TV show)