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Fire Ryan Day And Expel All Ohio State Students Sophomore Year And Below

No, I’m not joking. This is unacceptable. Two years in a row when we’ve had the better team is a fireable offense. Ryan Day, you were born on 3rd base, and now we’re back on 1st. You are not fit to be The Ohio State University Head Football Coach. Fire him tonight

Lane Kiffin. Brian Hartline. Mike Vrabel. URBAN MEYER. I don’t care who it is. This current guy needs to go. And to everyone below their sophomore year should have to transfer. I’m not talking just players. I’m talking ALL OHIO STATE STUDENTS. You’re now 0-2 against the rival and something needs to be done about it. My parents didn’t pay my tuition for 4 years for me to watch this embarrassment. True story: I almost transferred after my freshman year because we lost to Michigan, but then I realized it was because we had an interim coach and our lord and savior Urban Meyer was coming. From there, we went 3-0 and rattled off 7 straight. That’s how it should be. Ohio State has better players. The last two years, Michigan has been more prepared, better coached, and won.

And this isn’t just on Ryan Day. Defensive Coordinator Jim Knowles was brought here for this game and he gave up 45 points. Fire everybody. Start over tomorrow. I want Urban Meyer back.

Is Ryan Day a Michigan inside guy? That’s a legitimate question after today. Running it on 1st and 35 and also being down late with 3 straight runs and a punt? Ryan Day, now 33-2 in the Big Ten, is the worst coach in Ohio State history. 

3 points in the second half? I could’ve done that calling plays with multiple first round picks in the next couple years drafts. Ryan Day is TRASH. THROW THE BALL TO MARVIN HARRISON YOU IDIOT. 

Don’t talk to me about the playoff. This team doesn’t deserve to make it, regardless of how USC does tonight. Michigan stinks and they just beat the brakes off us.

Fire Day and restart the program tomorrow. Ryan Day better not be on the team bus back. Call Urban Meyer IMMEDIATELY.