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Ohio State Was Emasculated And Embarrassed On Its Home Field And Better Not Make The College Football Playoff

Michigan had not beaten Ohio State in Columbus since 2000. And all the Wolverines did on Saturday was walk into Ohio Stadium without Blake Corum and absolutely embarrass the Buckeyes on their home field.

Ohio State went into halftime with a 20-17 lead, but the second half was a thorough ass kicking at the hands of Michigan. The Wolverines held OSU to just a field goal after halftime and got into the end zone four times to walk out with a three-touchdown win. The Buckeyes are pretty lucky to have put 20 points on the board in the first half or this could have been a thrashing of epic proportions.

We've seen all we needed to see from Ohio State, though. It finally played a College Football Playoff-caliber team — on its home field — and got run out of the building. I don't see any argument whatsoever that logically ends with Ohio State being in the Playoff unless every other possible contender loses at some point in the next week. We knew the Buckeyes weren't an elite team to begin with, but now we have the empirical evidence to prove it. I think even TCU would take it to OSU pretty badly.

What an embarrassment. I can't get over how little pride Ohio State played with in that second half. At the end of the day, though, it's just not a very good football team. Do not let it into the CFP.