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Hugh Freeze Is Coming Back To The SEC As Auburn's New Head Coach

Wow. After some prognosticators swore up and down it would never happen, Hugh Freeze is back in charge of a big-time college football program as Auburn's new head coach.

The Tigers' search seemed mostly focused on Lane Kiffin initially, but things didn't work out with the Ole Miss coach. So Auburn then set its sights on Freeze, who has put up 10-win seasons at Arkansas State, Ole Miss and Liberty. Say what you will about Freeze as a person — there's A LOT to say — but you could hire worse football coaches. Freeze has had success in the SEC and, most importantly to Auburn, has demonstrated he can beat Nick Saban.

But obviously, there's much more that goes into being an SEC head coach than just X's and O's. Nobody questions Freeze's ability to put a great offense on the field, but he's going to have to be on his best behavior if this is going to have a chance of working. At least paying players is legal now, so really all any Auburn administrators and fans need to worry about is the whole prostitutes thing.

I have no idea what is going to happen with this marriage, but I'm excited as hell to watch it. The most dysfunctional program in the SEC just hired a coaching pariah who went up in flames the last time he had a job in this league. This is going to be a blast.