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I'm Insanely Jealous Watching Australia Fans Go Batshit Crazy Celebrating A Goal And A Win At The World Cup

I'm not going to say this is awesome because frankly this might be too much for my liking. I'm a simple man. Let me chug some beer, high five pals and start screaming after a big play. I don't need flares going off right behind me. I'm old. But I am jealous. I'm incredibly jealous. First off, Australia got to see a goal.

 I wish we got to see that yesterday. I know we played well. I know our midfield was awesome. But we still blew some chances - most notably Pulisic hitting the post and McKennie blowing a wide open shot. 

I'm not here to dwell on that though. I'm here to talk about how this confirms what I keep saying about the World Cup. It's awesome. There's nothing like it. It's really the one time that every single person in the area is cheering for the same thing. I got to watch the US game out at a bar yesterday. 100% of the bar was cheering for the United States. You don't get that with the NFL, college sports, NHL, NBA, MLB, whatever. There's always a couple people in town for the away team. Not at the World Cup. It's this. Everyone cheering for the same team and then losing their shit when it happens. 

It was also Australia's first win at the World Cup since 2010. It sets them up for a chance to advance out of a group with Denmark and France. Pending what happens in this France/Denmark game they basically have a beat Denmark next week and advance opportunity. I just want to celebrate like this on Tuesday. I want goals. I want a win. 

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