Matt Rhule Apparently Will Take The Head Coaching Job At Nebraska

And there it is. Nebraska, apparently, has their man. Big T blogged it yesterday as the rumor mill was swirling and now it is apparently as close to a done deal as it gets. 

I think everything Big T said yesterday in this blog is true. I am sure Nebraska fans will be happy with this hire...for now. 

I think the biggest problem facing Nebraska fans is their perception of reality. The BigTen isn't a good fit. It killed their ability to recruit Texas in a real way. Maybe Rhule with his previous network from Baylor can fix that, but I have some doubts. I am not sure what their program's ceiling is at this point, but it ain't 1994-1997. 

So ultimately, the question becomes...will the boosters and the fan base have the patience required to do a real rebuild even if that rebuild just gets them back to where they were under Bo Pelini? Nebraska has been wandering the desert for 25 years since Tom Osborne left and nobody has been good enough because being good wasn't good enough. I think Rhule is a great college coach. I think he can revive Nebraska to the point where they consistently compete for BigTen West championships before they get smashed by Michigan or Ohio State in the title game. 90% of programs would be thrilled with that. I doubt Nebraska ever will so this cycle will continue even if Rhule does a good job.