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We Got Ourselves A Crazy Street Brawl Between Wales/England Fans Filled With Chair Throws And Crane Kicks

There's almost too much going on in this video. Not only is it a full on brawl in the streets between fans who quite frankly look identical to each other. But we have chair throws, dudes drunk and stumbling around and some impressive crane kicks. I can't stop laughing at the chair throw though. Just an impressive use of it going back and forth. It all starts at the 9 second mark when the dude gets LAID out with a shot to the face. Poor bastard then catches the chair to the back like it's Hell in a Cell. Fast forward to the 17 second mark and striped polo shirt does the unthinkable. He quickly uses his brain, picks up the chair and delivers a toss that has most NFL quarterbacks jealous. Derek Carr would cry over how perfect of a throw it is to hit someone else in the head. 

England at the 24 second mark does what England does. Shit down their leg. You wasted having the chair like you wasted having the 13 colonies. Just tossing it back all willy nilly like that without hitting someone. Dumb. We see everyone run away from stripes though because the rabbit's got the gun again. 

We do get to see an impressively athletic move at the 1:06 mark. Man in red starts dropping crane kicks out of nowhere. Sure he gets his ass dropped but at 1:24 he goes with the old Rough n Rowdy strategy of putting his head down and swinging wildly. It doesn't connect, but it sends a message. Hey I'm here to fight. I'm gonna last roughly 45 seconds, but I'm here to leave it all out on the street. 

Ah, the beautiful game indeed.