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Spain's Manager Has One Strict And Completely Normal Rule For His Team - No Orgies The Night Before A Match

[Source] - ‘I don’t mind players having sex the night before matches but I draw the line at orgies,’ said Spain coach Luis Enrique in his latest streaming to fans from Qatar.

Luis Enrique is a cool guy. He doesn't care if you have sex the night before a match. He does press conferences from Twitch so he can control the narrative. He lets his star Ferran Torres date his daughter. But he has one line that nobody is allowed to cross. No orgies the night before a match. Sex marathon with your significant other? Have it. It's normal to have sex in your own house he says. But the moment you bring in a 2nd or a 3rd, he's gonna have a problem. He has a line and that line is orgies. 

I want to make fun of him for it, but he seems to have it figured out. They beat Costa Rica 7-0. Look at all that non-orgy having goal scoring. So much for the concern of Spain not having a true 9 and struggling a bit. Spain might be lucky that the World Cup is in Qatar - first time saying that out loud. There's zero chance you can have an orgy in Qatar. I don't care who you are. 

I do love the little 'but hey' at the end of the quote. That's a man who realizes his hands are tied. He's not going to stop professional soccer players from having orgies if they want to. What can you do? He already has to deal with Torres dating his daughter. That's not ideal. But now you have to worry about stamina and orgies? This is basically a broken a man. A man who has lost control and knows his punishment threats are going to fail. 

I need specifics here though. Is he talking about your classic, dream scenario of 2 chicks and a guy? Because, sure, that might make sense from a stamina standpoint. But what about team building? What if your pal says hey these 3 girls are interested in a little 2 on 3 action? I'd want my guys to be bonding and that might just seal the deal for a goal or two. 

And since I'm sure you clicked on this blog for orgies or pictures here you go. We'll start with orgy: 

Now some WAGs for you.