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Dumb England Fans Start Chucking Their Drinks After The 0-0 Tie Because Somehow They Think They Can Beat Us At Soccer

Who does England think they are? They don't beat us at anything. Wars, soccer, basketball, football, you name it. We're going to beat (or at least tie) England in everything. Been that way since 1776. I refuse to throw a drink in frustration because as I said we deserved better. Am I frustrated? Absolutely. Pulisic hits the post, McKennie butchered a great look. But I'm also used to beating England. 

I'm not even lying. We've never lost to England at the World Cup

We have 1 win and 2 ties against them. Maybe should be the ones screaming it's coming home before losing in incredibly devastating fashion. It's not like England has any grounds to stand on. They don't win shit. They claim soccer and talk about how good they are. Instead they are left chucking their drinks all over the place because they are frustrated. You'd think these dummies would understand you need to drink away your sorrows after a failure in sports. 

Beat Iran.