RNR 24 | 20 Fights with NO HEADGEAR + Ring Girl Contest | Friday 8pm ETBUY HERE

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We're already over 2000 seats sold (at the Amica Mutual Pavilion) for RNR19 in Providence, RI. Since it's only gonna get harder to get tickets during the next 2 weeks, what better way to give back to the Stoolies already supporting Barstool in such an incredible way this weekend. 

If you didn't know it's 20% OFF THE ENTIRE BARSTOOL STORE UNTIL CYBER MONDAY ENDS and some of these deals are a real home run. You won't believe their speed but you will love their quality & style. Let's see some of the things our RNR commentary team has to offer this year... 

And how about our former champions, warrior poets, & honorary meat shields...

WOW what a lineup! And that's just the tip of the iceberg, with plenty more merch to choose from ALL 20% OFF ALL WEEKEND 

All you have to do to enter the RNR19 ticket giveaway (to watch 20 fights, 5 main events, pure chaos etc.) is reply to the tweet at the top of this blog with your Barstool Store receipts and we'll pick winners after Cyber Monday ends. Huge shout out & thanks to all the Stoolies who have already bought something from the store and the rest who continue to support Barstool over the next 69 hours.