A Karen From Ohio Went On A Vandalism Rant Because Someone Covered The "M" On Her Neighborhood Sign During Rivalry Week

Welcome to Ohio during Rivalry Week. For those of you that sadly live in the other 49 states, you may not know this, but people on Ohio State's campus and around the entire state use red tape this week to cross out any M's they see on billboard, store signs, etc. It's a cute little reminder that we don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan.

Anyways, it's a pretty common practice. In fact, I'd say most of the general sports population across the country has some sort of idea about it. But definitely everyone with a pulse in Ohio has seen it, right?

Enter North Ridgeville, Ohio:

Nothing to see here. You see it across the entire state at the end of each November. This is nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever. 

Enter Karen from the Meadow Lakes Official Community HOA Facebook Page:

And THIS folks, is why the internet is simply the best. My weekly Karen bingo board has hit in just one post. This has it all from "to the POS" to "if you don't like where you live, welcome to leave" to "grow the fuck". Would be A+ troll material, except this lady was completely serious. 

Hey Karen, if YOU don't like living in Ohio, then YOU can leave. But red tape doesn't hurt anyone during Rivalry Week, and now it looks even worse that you tore it off.

That looks horrible. Someone should cover it with red tape or some of their favorite merch from the Barstool Sports Store, which has 20% off everything on this beautiful Black Friday.