We Simply Can't Let Taylor Swift Ruin All The Good Vibes For The USA At The World Cup

Today is a damn good day to be an American. We're all coming off our drunken sleeps and gaining 10 pounds from leftover sandwiches to be woken up to this: 

Iran beating Wales. Simple. The US just needs to beat the shit out of Iran now. Today is somewhat irrelevant to getting out of the group. Going into this match the US has 1 point, Wales has 1 point, Iran has 3, England has 3. We beat Iran, it's basically (close to) a lock of us advancing. 

I don't care about that though. I want to beat the fuck out of England, something we do quite well. Our history in anything vs England is a positive, so let's keep that rolling. At least tie. Whatever. All I know is there's nothing like today's feeling. Control our destiny for two matches and get to knockout stage. 

But you know what? We're not going to do this: 

Can't have it. Won't have it. Today is about two things. Slinging merch (20% off the entire store) and getting a result vs England. I don't even know why you would tweet that. Engagement I guess? But come on. This is the official account. This is about getting a result. This is about reminding the world that we're actually good. 

Gregg just needs to be smarter. Play Gio Reyna. Keep feeding Weah and Pulisic. And don't get conservative just because you're up 1-0. Sorry Taylor, some things are bigger than music or whatever else you got going on. I don't even care if Keegs gets all huffy at me. Taylor needs to disavow this tweet.