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Dak Prescott Having Himself As His iPhone Wallpaper Is A Baller Move

Whichever one of Bald Paul's underlings put this caption out as the voice of Barstool Sports is an absolute imbecile.

This is exactly what you want out of a franchise quarterback. Dak Prescott has one of 32 NFL starting quarterback jobs on the planet and we're surprised he's a little cocky? If I found out as a GM that a prospective player had himself as his phone wallpaper, that would actually make me like him more. You want guys on the field who are confident in their abilities and nothing exudes confidence like seeing an action shot yourself every time you turn on your phone.

Also, is it insane to have pictures of yourself in your house? I don't think anyone would bat an eye at any professional athlete having a room in their home full of jerseys and photos of them playing. So why is it so crazy to have it on a cell phone, where we have everything now?

I stand with Dak. That's the lock screen of someone you want to be paying $160 million. If you are against this in any way, you're exposing yourself as a loser.