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The Best Black Friday Moon Man Collection of My Career



Ordinarily I make sure that I have one monster item for Black Friday every year. Whether its a quilted hoodie or a sherpa jacket or a pair of sneakers or a party game, etc etc. I make sure we got one Must Have in the Barstool Store for 20% off. 

This year I just stumbled into SIX of those type items. A handful of items - a big time collab, some old classics in new color ways, a new party game, and a few hoodies - that any other year each one of them would be the stand out piece. So get the credit card ready for these little ditties:

1) The Moon Man x Starter Jacket collab:

Plaid hoodie/jacket lined with Sherpa and a light hood on top. I'll be honest, I was worried this collab was going to be too expensive but, A) the price came in at only 96 bucks and B) Even if this thing was like $150 it be worth every penny. Embroidered Moon Man and the Starter Jacket patch, buttons and zipper, this shacket is arguably the nicest thing I've ever sold. Also available in emerald green:

2) Who's The Biggest Asshole?

The sequel to Answer The Internet, we put together 500 scenarios from our podcast, our listener/viewer submissions, and the personal stories of the KFC Radio team. Complete with 5 decks of cards, tokens and multiple game play rules, its like ATI but a much easier and funnier way to play with friends and family. You place wagers on who's the asshole, who the other players will say is the asshole, and what the judge will decide. If you're an ATI fan, WTBA is the must have follow up.

3) Corduroy Hoodie

Corduroy is having a MOMENT right now. Like its Bugle Boy in the early 90s. So we took a regular sweatshirt and made the hood and pouch tan corduroy. Maybe my favorite hoodie of the entire drop.

4) Hornets Hoodie

This hoodie is 2 years in the making. I've been asking for that throwback teal and purple since 2020, and its finally here. This color scheme is simply cant miss if you're from my generation

5) New Grey/White Sherpa Hoodie

Last year, the Blue and White checkered sherpa hoodie:

was my fastest selling hoodie of all time. More than any variation of the quilted hoodies, more than any Viva Brand shirt. It was The One. So we ran it back with a new color and will probably do so every holiday season until I'm dead. Its THE softest hoodie of all time. THE most comfortable hoodie of all time. And thats guaranteed. (Blue and White will be restocked too)

6) Sherpa Hoodie Robe Jacket - #SHRB

First we did grey:

Then Black

Now its time for Navy:

All color ways will be available. 

7) Suede Sherpa Slippers

Soft brown suede, EXTREMELY fluffy sherpa on the inside (that someone doesnt make your foot sweat?), and a Moon Man logo branded into the leather. More heavy duty rubber sole on the bottom so you can wear inside and outside. True to size. 

Its the best line of merch of ever dropped. In addition to the ugly Christmas sweaters, henleys, hoodleys, waffles, the corduroy button up, and all the other merch we've dropped in the past. Everything restocked and refilled.