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Jim Nantz Just Pulled The Hardest Announcer Jinx Of All-Time On The Lions, As If They Haven't Suffered Enough

Jim Nantz is like, "I'M NOT HERE FOR YOUR ANNOUNCER JINX!" and proceeds to explain how Lions kicker Michael Badgley hasn't missed a single kick all season. What do you think happened on the ensuing 29-yard field goal attempt?

Yup. Badgley snap hooks it right on cue.

Uncanny stuff. Especially hilarious if you've picked Detroit to take care of the 9.5-point spread. That kick could've cut the Bills' lead to two points, so even with a Buffalo touchdown later on, the Lions' chances to cover go up by a lot.

I respect Nantz from trying to get out ahead of it. Usually it's some sort of graphic jinx that announcers are boxed into commenting on. This was a preemptive, commendable declaration by the soothing, syrupy voice of myriad CBS sports broadcasts. Sadly for Nantz, it did not work out in his favor. I 100% blame him if the Lions don't cover.

Not that I care about Detroit hitting that +9.5. Nope. I don't care at all. What are you talking about? I'm not mad. You're mad.

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