Despite Bebe Rexha's Best Efforts The CBS Halftime Show Just Made Everyone Violently Hungover

Sometimes the Detroit halftime show on Thanksgiving goes above and beyond, giving us all a reason to watch from home. Today they opted to give everyone a violent hangover. I'm only a glass of wine in and my day is ruined. Who thought spinning Bebe Rexha around a million times behind a bunch of mirrors and glasses was a good idea? I don't even know what we just watched. 

Even a step further, they took the show off the field this year! What the fuck is this bullshit? Where's the live crowd? 

It really shows you Scott Stapp's performance will never be topped. How far we've fallen as a society. 

I will say this is to no fault to Bebe Rexha. It's not her fault millions are hovering over their toilets right now pulling trig. They gave her a mic and she sang her songs. She's not in charge of the background show. 

Bebe did her best to distract from the awfulness.

 I can raise my hand and say I was not familiar with her work. Goddamn. 

Happy Thanksgiving folks