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If You Let Your Kid Jump On An Airplane Tray Table During A Flight, Your Entire Family Should Be Thrown In Prison

Gonna try to keep this blog pretty simple since I think we've reached a point where complaining about kids on flight has gotten absurd. Granted I say that as a parent that knows how impossible it is to reign in these miniature mamalukes. But complaining about a baby crying or a kid having a tantrum like you or someone in your family weren't doing the same thing at that age is ridiculous. 

However, this video is a bridge too far. I get having an energetic kid that is hard to contain considering I have a 4-year-old son that figuratively and occasionally literally dog walks me at home. Back when we had a parenting podcast here at Barstool, we would hammer home how t's up to you to stock your kids with so many different entertainment options while traveling, they have no choice but to be entertained or at the very least turned into a zombie. I'm talking giving them free reign on any and all iPads, Nintendo Switches, or if need the holy grail in their world, your own phone while KFC gave an infant Shea a thing of Post Its that kept her entertained for 5 hours on a cross country flight. If all that fails, Large always recommended a doctor prescribed amount of Benadryl to knock them the fuck out until you safely land at your destination.

Which is why this act of toddler terrorism is not only on the parents but everyone that shares a family tree with them. A generational breakdown that likely cost the person in front of that little monster airplane sleep, which is more valuable than diamonds, crude oil, or (insert whatever cryptocurrency isn't in the red). Throw everybody in that family in the slammer for at least a night and hope they learn their lesson so this doesn't happen on the next flight.

That being said, I won't shed any tears for the guy who had the tray table behind him being used as a trampoline simply because I agree with Tommy Smokes' take here.

Anyway, best of luck to everyone traveling this weekend and if you are trapped with a nightmare passenger like the kid above, follow the steps of the top upvoted comment on this reddit post.